Stanley Field:

Following a career as a research scientist my interests changed and in 2004 I graduated in ceramics from the University of Westminster at Harrow. At first I was interested in medieval pottery but this gradually changed until now I make functional ceramics characterized by simplicity of design, restrained elegance and clarity.

I am particularly conscious of form and the shapes I use tend towards being geometrical. Glazes are derived from continuous experimentation and I use little decoration.

The powerful, simple shapes of medieval English ware and the extremely beautiful early Chinese glazes greatly inspire my making.

Intended for use, my pots are wheel thrown, mostly from porcelain and fired either with electricity or gas reduction using a range of temperatures.

 The relationship between harmony and function and the quality of the finished product are critically important to me. Examples of my work are held in the private collections of the Jeffrye museum and the Paisley Museum and Art Gallery. 


University of London, B.Sc., Ph.D. Physics
University of Westminster, B.A. Ceramics
Professional member of the Craft Potters Association

My work has been exhibited at the following:

New Designers Exhibition, Business Design Centre

Earth and Fire, Rufford
Art in Clay, Hatfield
Brian Starkey Gallery
Yorkshire Sculpture Park
Platform Gallery
Morley Gallery
V&A Museum (London Potters Demonstration)
Pfizer UK (Surrey)
Clayart, (Denbigh, North Wales)
Ceramics in the City (Jeffrye Museum)
CPA Ceramics Fair (Oxford)
Contemporary Ceramics